Indian Wedding Photography – Roni + Sreoshy by Serendipitous Smiles

Sreoshy Wedding Photography by Radhika Pandit

Roni and Sreoshy are based in New York and wanted a traditional Indian wedding which brought them to their native town- Calcutta just for their wedding. Their wedding was a fantastic amalgamation of multicultural people attending a pure traditional Bengali wedding. Serendipitous Smiles which is based in Ahmedabad has attempted to capture this splendid confluence in the best way possible. The initiator of Serendipitous Smiles- Radhika Pandit had teamed up with a French Photographer William Lambelet for this project. Here is what the wedding Couple has to say about Serendipitous Smiles:

Working with Radhika was like having a best friend along to take your wedding photos. One who knows the in’s and out’s of your heart! She fit in seamlessly within our wedding celebrations, and knew the exact moments to capture as if she was part of our family for years! She is a jewel to work with and we were honored to have her photograph our wedding.

Roni's Wedding Photograph

Sreoshy's Wedding Photograph

Sreoshy Wedding Mehndi Ceremony

Sreoshy - Bridal Mehndi Ceremony

Roni Wedding Mehndi Ceremony

Groom - Roni Mehndi Ceremony

Indian Wedding Rituals

Roni's Wedding Barrat

Indian Marriage Rituals

Rituals in Indian Wedding

Hindu Vedic Rituals

Sreoshy Wedding Photography by Serendipitous Smiles’

Roni-Sreoshy Wedding Photography by Serendipitous Smiles

Roni-Sreoshy Wedding Photography by Radhika Pandit

Indian Wedding of Roni Sreoshy

Relative Dancing in Roni and Sreoshy Wedding Ceremony

Sreoshy in Doli going to the Reception

Dancer Performing in Roni Sreoshy Wedding Reception

Roni is dancing in his wedding

Sreoshy is dancing in his wedding

Couple Photoshoot - Roni Sreoshy Wedding

If you or your colleagues or friends are looking for the candid photography for the wedding, please feel free to contact Serendipitous Smiles.

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