Gorgeous Mehndi Designs on Indian Brides Full Hands & Legs by Henna Artist

Bridal Mehndi Designs on full hands

Wedding is an important day for you (bride) & you want to do all the things which you wish for this day and, Mehndi Ceremony is one of them.

Do you have mehndi experts on the special day of your life? Don’t you want to have exceptional henna designs on your hand & feet that you cherish for rest of your life?

If yes, contact Shubh Muhurat Mehendi Arts for bridal henna service. They offer personalised and bespoke service to suit your individual needs and budgets. Further, they use unique techniques together with natural ingredients for the mehndi, to add depth to its colour for your special occasions to last for days to come.

Go through their below portfolio of Bridal Mehndi Designs:

Bride-Groom Mehndi Art on full hands by Henna Artist

Peacock & Lotus Henna Designs on full legs by Mehndi Expert

Eye-catching Flower designs by Bangalore based Mehndi Artist

Peacock Design on Bridal hands & legs by Bangalore based henna designer

Mango Henna design on bride’s full hands by Shubh Muhurat Mehendi Arts











Peacock, Leaves & Flower Mehndi Designs on hands of Indian Bride

Mango Henna Designs on Indian Bridal hands

Awesome Bridal Mehndi Designs on full hands by Bangalore based artist

Stunning Henna Designs on full hands of Indian Bride

Bride, Groom, Lotus Mehndi Designs on full hands of Indian Bride

If you are looking for exclusive bridal-henna service in India, contact Shubh Muhurat Mehendi Arts.

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